Many ACFA members may not be fully aware of the comprehensive services offered by our Energy Partner, Choice Energy, one of which is bill validation. This service ensures that all charges on your energy bills are accurate and helps members avoid any unnecessary overcharges.

A notable example of the effectiveness of Choice Energy’s bill validation service can be seen with one of their members, Romeo’s Retail Group. Recently, Choice Energy identified a significant overcharge amounting to $50,000 by Romeo’s energy retailer. If this error had gone unnoticed, it could have resulted in an additional cost of $150,000 for Romeo’s over the course of the year. Since notifying the retailer, this amount has now been credited back to Romeo’s.

The effectiveness of Choice Energy’s services extends beyond bill validation though, especially in this case study. Their energy broking services have also been instrumental in achieving substantial savings for Romeo’s Retail Group, resulting in Choice finding savings of $2.8 million for the Independent Supermarket Retailer. This significant figure highlights the value of Choice Energy’s expertise and commitment to optimising energy expenses for their members.

We believe this information is worth sharing because it highlights the potential for significant cost savings that any of our members could access through Choice Energy’s services. Whether through bill validation,energy broking or commercial solar, Choice Energy’s services could help prevent overcharges and optimize energy costs, ensuring that members only pay for the energy they use and at the most competitive rates available.

July and August are crucial months for reviewing your energy bills, as retailers implement rate increases at the start of the new financial year, it is essential to assess your bills to ensure you’re securing the best rates for your business for the months ahead.

Don’t miss this opportunity to safeguard your business against unnecessary expenses, upload your bill for review here or contact Partnership Relationships Coordinator Amelia via email or call her on 0413 874 116.