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As the advocacy body for the industry sector, ACFA welcomes feedback from the industry on relevant topics to help shape the sector's future.

survey Subject

ACCC:  Toppling Furniture and Televisions

Sector Focus:  Furniture Makers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking industry feedback and has compiled an open ended question survey in response to the subject matter:  Toppling Furniture and Televisions.  

The questions are broken into the following areas:  Key safety factors; Fatalities and injuries; Voluntary standards; Possible risk controls.

The ACCC encourages you to respond to any questions relevant to you and to raise any additional issues you consider relevant.

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Deadline for Response:  26 August 2021

survey Subject

ATO: Furniture Making Plant and Equipment

Sector Focus:  All Industry Sector

The ATO has approached ACFA regarding the review of Furniture Making Plant and Equipment.

The current effective life of an asset determines its depreciation rate for taxation purposes: currently 13.33 years for furniture making plant.

ACFA would like to obtain the industry's feedback regarding the effective life of woodworking assets currently used in furniture, kitchen and joinery manufacturing.  ACFA will use the collective results to submit a 'whole of industry' response.

NB:  The ATO has not reviewed the sector since 2001.

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Survey Closes:  COB, Friday, 10 September 2021