Becoming Pressure Proof

Thrive and adapt in a competitive environment – without burning out

This interactive and compelling session goes hands-on, taking the time to think about handling pressures in your business, and how you respond as a leader. 

  • Thriving in times of disruption, change and challenge
  • Bounce back faster from setbacks and challenges - bounce vs break
  • Lift personal productivity when dealing with multiple pressures
  • Remain motivated under pressure - Energy is your Currency
  • Changing from Negativity to Possibility

You will walk away from this session, equipped with practical ideas on how to maximise performance and achievements. 

Michael Licenblat is an expert on how to bounce back from pressures, setbacks, and rejections in life and business… and in doing so, how to maximise their performance and achievements. 

A compelling keynote speaker, Michael gives his audiences the techniques, confidence and courage to manage the failures, challenges and problems that are part of every process in the world of business, service, and sales. 

In Michael’s upbeat, interactive and hands on presentations, he takes audiences into the world of reading ‘pressure patterns’ and building personal resilience so that they walk away with practical ideas on how to ‘keep their drive alive’. 

Michael is the author of Pressure Proof – how to thrive in time of disruption, change, and pressure. 

His articles are regularly published and his clients include Toyota, Chemmart, REIV, Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, St George, Smartline, SEEK, Hocking Stuart, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Maunsell, SalesForce, and the Victorian Parliament.

Arrangements made through Celebrity Speakers

“How to Use Contracts to Make Your Business More Successful”

  1. Not just ‘words on a page’ – what can go wrong if you don’t have proper business documentation
  2. The top 5 things that successful businesses have in their documentation
  3. How to give your business documentation a legal health check


Holly Jackson, Senior Associate

“Do you play basketball?” is the #1 question Holly gets asked. Yep, she’s the 6ft2-wow-she’s-not-wearing-heels kind of tall.  Even though Holly’s a better lawyer than she ever was a basketball player, she still enjoys “slam dunking” for clients with her commercial and no-nonsense approach. Off the court (room), Holly has a knack for writing - whether that’s persuading an opponent, drafting business contracts or giving clients practical commercial advice. Get in touch with Holly if you’d like to be the 12,764,690,334th person to tell her how tall she is, or you just want to talk law. And no, she’s not related to Lauren Jackson but thanks for asking.

Terry Ledlin, Special Counsel

When you need a special job done, you call in Special Counsel. Not just a fancy title, Terry thrives on complex problem-solving and finding creative solutions to challenges that have ended up in his client’s “too hard basket”. Word gets out fast when you’re this good at what you do, and Terry has firmly established himself as the go-to guy for commercial advice and credit management. Terry’s mantra is “if you keep doing the same old things the same old way, you’ll never know if there’s a better way.” With practical wisdom like that, we don’t like keeping Terry all to ourselves. Get in touch with Terry to make him your go-to-guy too.

Ledlin Lawyers has clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. They have offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and with thanks to Covid, the power of Zoom has meant that State borders pose no barrier to us helping any business with their contracts, no matter where they are located. The business documentation that we prepare is tailored to the State or Territory that our client is based in.   

Why houses are changing and where they’ll be buIlt in the future

Australia’s housing market is fast declining after a boom fuelled by too much money, going to too many people, for way too long. The crash could be hard and the implications may be serious. Meantime: Australian housing is changing because Australians are changing. That is important, but for those in the business of helping Australian families live well, its where the new housing will be built that might just be the biggest surprise.

Tim Woods, 
Managing Director, IndustryEdge

Tim Woods is a specialist in timber and wood products supply chains and markets. At IndustryEdge he leads a program that constantly researches housing markets and demand for building materials, especially wood products. From trees in the ground, the sawmills and panel plants that transform them and the factories and plants that process the wood into building products and components, Tim is ‘in the market’ constantly.

IndustryEdge has a wide and diverse client base, across the supply chain.

On the company’s behalf, Tim is a recognised and sought after speaker, bringing three decades of experience to making complex topics… a little less complex!

Dulux Colour and Applications

Colour is one of the most transformational, and least expensive, renovation tools a homeowner has available to them.  It has the power to transform their home, and their life, by creating mood, atmosphere and quality of living.   It can help solve bad design and enhance great design.  It can visually alter our perception of a space.   

But, understanding colour and how to effectively utilise it to create the outcome you want is part art and part science.  Today is about learning both aspects.

Andrea Lucena-Orr

Colour & Communications Manager, DuluxGroup

Andrea Lucena-Orr has been working with colour for over twenty-five years at DuluxGroup executing colour training, trends and colour forecasting and presenting her findings to trade, retail and media – and her recommendations play an integral part in Dulux marketing strategies.

A member of the international Colour Marketing Group (CMG), Andrea scours the globe in pursuit of her passion – colour forecasting.


In this session, Melanie Gardener & Rebecca Foster from House of Social will dive into the complex world of social media and how it can be used effectively by businesses of all sizes. With a focus on practical solutions and providing tools you can use in your business every day, this session will cover: 

  • Finding your brand “voice” to help create an advantage over your competitors when trying to attract job seekers to your business.
  • How to create your visual brand 
  • What to do and how to respond to negative comments/reviews on social media
  • Marketing basics – how to get started 
  • How your website and social media work hand-in-hand 

Melanie Gardener & Rebecca Foster Co-Directors, House of Social House of Social is a Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in helping small/medium businesses with managing social media and other forms of digital marketing. Melanie’s background in the kitchen and bathroom industry and marketing knowledge pairs perfectly with Rebecca’s expert-level experience in social media management to make them a force in the digital marketing arena.