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24 Mar 2022

Check out 2021 ACFA National Industry Award winning businesses featured in this article.

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Timber Vaneers
2 Jun 2021

The majority of timber veneer projects utilizing wall, ceiling and joinery panels often require careful matching to fulfil the architect’s/designer’s vision. The most common method of manufacture is to nest panels, have them cut to specific sizes and reassembled into joinery or wall and ceiling pieces. This often results in the veneer from different coloured natural timber veneer logs being mixed, often resulting in unwanted colour and grain variation.

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24 Dec 2018

Tragically, up to two children die and hundreds of children are injured in Australian households every year by furniture or TVs toppling over.

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29 Nov 2018

The drawbacks of purchasing kitchens from retailers who are unlicensed and not a qualified Australian kitchen manufacturer

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