Do yourself a favour, forget the flatpacks from retail hardware chains and purchase your kitchen cabinetry from an Australian Kitchen Manufacturer.

Why you should purchase your kitchen from an Australian Kitchen Manufacturer.

When thinking about renovating or rebuilding a kitchen, many DIYers fall for the flatpack trap and look at purchasing their kitchen from the large retail hardware chains. While the price of a ‘kitchen in a box’ may seem cheaper at first, there are many hidden costs that aren’t always obvious at the outset.

Overall, the total price to complete a flatpack project is often no cheaper, and can be more expensive, than a quality, custom kitchen designed specifically for your house, and installed by professionals compared to purchasing this through your large retail hardware chains. 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your family home or an investment property, the advice is to think about the drawbacks of using flatpack or kit-form kitchens from retailers who are unlicensed and not a qualified Australian kitchen manufacturer: 

  • Installation is not so simple. While some advertisers tell you flatpacks are an easy DIY option, fitting them can in fact be very complex. Many renovators end up paying extra money to hire external installation companies to correctly fit flatpack kitchens, adding to the overall project budget. Having your kitchen constructed by a dedicated Australian kitchen manufacturer can often be a cheaper or easier option as in many cases they can also provide the service of installation.  This way you not only purchase your kitchen from the manufacturer but they will also install this for you as part of their service.
  • Extra expenses are also incurred to hire qualified trades such as plumbers and electricians to install appliances.
  • Additional fittings and fixtures such as taps, plugs, sinks, and cabinet handles all need to be factored into the total price.
  • The quality of an imported kitchen in a box is like a lucky dip.  Perhaps your box will contain a solid product, or perhaps it will be chipped, scratched, or made from inferior materials.  As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Another reason why it’s so important to ensure that you are purchasing your kitchen from an Australian kitchen manufacturer that is experienced in manufacturing kitchen cabinetry and a licenced cabinetmaker. Larger retail hardware chains are often not a licenced cabinetmaker.
  • The particleboard and MDF used in imported flatpacks may not be independently tested and certified as formaldehyde free, potentially creating health risks for your family. One way you can check this, is to look out for EWPAA Certified Products such as E0 & E1 labelling for the lowest formaldehyde emissions.
  • Warranties can be difficult to follow up once there is damage to your flatpack kitchen when purchased from the large retail hardware chains.  The manufacturers’ and retailers’ warranty are usually void once the kit form is removed from the box & installed.  
  • Lack of choice and flexibility when purchasing through the large retail hardware chains. Flatpack kitchens are mass-produced overseas.  The options available may not fit the specific layout of your home, and you will be stuck using in-fills and add-on sections, reducing both the quality and the visual appeal of your home. When dealing with an Australian kitchen manufacturer they can usually create your kitchen to meet your specific needs not the normal one size fits all option.

By contrast, the advantages of having a custom-designed and built kitchen installed in your home include:

  • Quality & Durability.  A solid, custom kitchen, designed and built by Australia manufacturers, using quality materials and meeting Australian standards, will withstand the rigours of time and the wear and tear of family life.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and should stand proud for decades.
  • Bespoke Design. With a custom designed kitchen, you get exactly what you want.  Your new kitchen is perfectly scaled and designed to suit your home and meet your family’s needs.
  • Follow up and service.  Custom kitchens are generally built, sold and installed all by the one company. Your local kitchen company will take full responsibility for the quality and functionality of your kitchen over the years, offering you advice and service, unlike the big retailers who are only interested in selling you a boxed kit with no follow up.
  • Warranty. Your custom-built kitchen is covered by your local manufacturer and installer’s warranty. If you ever face any issue with your kitchen, follow up is much simpler than dealing with overseas mass-market producers.

Do yourself a favour… talk to your local cabinetmaker today about having a custom-built kitchen designed for your home.  

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