The NSW Small Business Commission will be providing a submission on unfair contract terms to the Commonwealth Government this year.

As part of the consultation we’re asking small business owners to complete a short survey so we have a better understanding of your experiences in dealing with unfair contracts.

Complete the survey

What are we asking?

We’re interested to hear about your experiences with unfair contracts, including where you seek advice, and how you might handle contract-related issues.

You can also choose to receive a confidential follow up call from our team if you're currently experiencing an issue.

Why are we asking?

The Commonwealth Government is assessing how well the current unfair contract term protections support and protect small businesses.

We’ll be using the survey findings to inform our upcoming submission which will help shape future policies and legislation that impact small businesses.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, and responses won’t be linked to your identity. Survey findings may be published but all identities will remain anonymous.