Head Start is a new apprenticeship and traineeship pathway for secondary students. A Head Start

Apprenticeship or Traineeship (HSAT) has three core components:

1. Flexible delivery of VCAL and VCE, to help maximise time on the job, and with a strong focus

on literacy and numeracy

2. Quality training delivered in a way that is aligned with time on the job, to support achievement

of competencies

3. Maximised time in employment, with time on the job increasing each year to support genuine

progression through the apprenticeship or traineeship. Depending on the requirement of the

employer, it is expected that at a minimum average students will undertake:2

o one day per week paid employment in Year 10

o two days per week paid employment in Year 11

o three days per week paid employment in Year 12 (which may be undertaken over two

years if required).

Head Start’s objectives are to:

•     allow students to spend significantly more time training on the job, while still completing

senior secondary qualifications

•     increase the number of qualified apprentices and trainees in growing trades and industries,
aligned with local economic and social needs

•     give employers the opportunity to train and mentor young apprentices and trainees who are
ready for work, and who have appropriate literacy, numeracy and employability skills

•     ensure students undertake high-quality apprenticeships and traineeships with genuine

•     provide continuous and dedicated support for all parties to help students progress to

•     develop best practices to improve the delivery and experience of apprenticeships and
traineeships for school students.

For more information you can download the School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships Guide or the Head Start Delivery Guide.

For further information on the program, or if you are interested in taking part contact: 

Email: [email protected]