The majority of timber veneer projects utilizing wall, ceiling and joinery panels often require careful matching to fulfil the architect’s/designer’s vision. The most common method of manufacture (and cost effective) is to nest panels, have them cut to specific sizes and reassembled into joinery or wall and ceiling pieces. This often results in the veneer from different coloured natural timber veneer logs being mixed, often resulting in unwanted colour and grain variation.

Many veneers work well with this process, particularly reconstituted veneers, however there are many veneers that require careful cutting and matching to achieve the required result.

For larger projects using timber veneers with varying colours and grain within the one specie, TVAA members can match panels per apartment or per floor as required with special attention paid to entry doors in elevations that are manufactured by second or third parties. TVAA members have the ability to number panels for sequencing and to size panels correctly so that grain matching continues through wall panels and doors within that sequence.

A common scenario is that wall panels, ceiling panels and joinery panels are produced by different contractors, often sourcing veneer from different suppliers for a variety of reasons. To expect the timber veneer doors to match the wall panelling, overhead bulkheads is unreasonable if not sourced from the same supplier when the wall panel sequence is being produced, in fact it is nigh impossible and often the main issue veneer projects under-achieve in the finished result.

Alternative veneer layups can also help if higher volume production is required, colour matched mismatched veneer panels can blend in regardless of how they are cut and placed and are often the preferred product for large open areas. Mass produced veneer sheets are often suitable for joinery applications but where matching is required, please talk to your TVAA member for advice on how to match veneers for specific projects, you may pay a bit more but it is sound insurance against costly replacement expenses.

Finally, communication is the key, TVAA members can produce amazing products if given the correct information to ensure your vision is a one-of-a-kind, planet friendly project.

Terry Franklin - President Timber Veneer Association of Australia 
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