Understand the requirements and certifications needed to join a major supply chain

Major projects and their associated supply chains comprise a significant part of the Queensland economy, totalling 73 per cent of GDP. In this session you will learn about major project opportunities and what you need to strengthen your capabilities, enabling you to best position your business to target upcoming opportunities. Your business will benefit if you take the time to invest in building your capability. After the workshop you will receive a detailed toolkit to further help you on your major projects journey.

Why attend this workshop?

This workshop is designed by experts in the field of major projects to assist local suppliers and will cover:

• Major projects market – how it can benefit your business

• Risk management - work health safety for major projects

• Risk management - quality, environment, sustainability, financial capacity, information security

• Ethical suppliers

• Skills and workforce management

• Tender and contract readiness.

Meet the Buyer Session

This workshop will be immediately followed by a one-hour Meet the Buyer & Supporting Government Agencies session.

There are many major projects both underway and in the pipeline for our region and through this networking session you will learn about supply opportunities and meet with major project proponents and government agencies enabling you to become ‘business ready’ to target these opportunities.

This workshop and meet the buyer session aims to help local suppliers increase their share of major project opportunities. Numbers are limited, so register early to secure your place.