Glen joined the workforce as an apprentice Carpenter and Joiner in 1971. Over the following years, he earned multiple certifications, including Wood Machining, Business Administration, Clerk of Works, an MBA, and became a Licenced Builder in 1979.

Glen has used his many qualifications to start a swathe of business ventures. These include transport businesses, retail furniture stores such as Sarjaine Furniture, an import and export company, and DTL Timbers.

By the time Glen reached semi-retirement in 2019, he had been responsible for the creation of over 3.5 million pieces of furniture. Today, Glen shows no signs of slowing down, and continues to oversee multiple companies across multiple industries. These include timber processing, imports and exports, transport, property investment, and recycling.

Glen’s staunch work ethic and commitment to his craft if reflected in his saying-to-live-by: “The worst day at work is better than the best day on holidays”.

“The worst day at work is better than the best day on holidays.”