I have been a member of the FIAA now (ACFA)for over 21 years, in this time I have experienced and watched the organisation grow every year in their professionalism and expertise in dealing with any matters I require assistance in.

There are so many benefits with being a member of the ACFA, a few in particular are award wage information and allowances.  This is vital to me, the comfort knowing that at any time a staff member of the organisation can assist and make me feel at ease when I have a query regarding wage structures.

I have experienced this recently and being able to call the organisation to provide the knowledge, understanding and reassurance I required to help me through this time was just fantastic.  I could not have done it on my own.

The standard of service the ACFA has provided has improved every year I have been with the organisation, I believe now they are an A class organisation, providing all members with loads of information and support.

I have a wonderful rapport with the ACFA and am truly grateful for all the help they have  provided me over the years.