We have been providing training services as an Registered Training Organisation since 1996....

As a training organisation we have been servicing NSW, SA and ACT with excellent results since 1996. This is demonstrated through consistent positive feedback received from companies within the industry, reinforcing the effectiveness of ACFA workplace training and assessment delivery.

With a variety of training programs available, clients are able to select a program that specifically meets their workplace or personal requirements.

Types of training on offer include:


Traineeships provide the training requirements for people commencing work in their chosen industry or existing employee’s wishing to have their skills recognised. 

Trainees are trained on the job by their employer, with flexible study arrangements which makes Traineeships a cost-effective and flexible training method tailored to suit individual industry needs.


Starting an apprenticeship is an effective and exciting way to enter the furnishing and furniture related industries. Apprenticeships offer a practical approach to training. As an apprentice, you receive payment as an employee while being trained by qualified industry and teaching professionals. 

 Again apprenticeships are available to both: 

  • New workers entering the workforce seeking a trade qualification (including junior employees)
  • Adult workers who have no formal industry qualification, but who have several years of industry work experience 

Recognition Programs

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programs are available to people currently working in the industry that have not had their skills, knowledge and experience formally recognised.

RPL is an assessment process that provides candidates with credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. It can be gained at any stage of their lives, through formal and informal learning, in Australia or overseas, through work activities.

It has all the same requirements as other types of assessment. It involves collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competence has been achieved.  

Evidence can be collected through:

  • Work References
  • Work Examples
  • Observations
  • Questioning
  • Professional conversations
  • Examination of past work history
  • Formal Trade Tests
  • Tailored Workplace Training Programs

    For businesses looking to develop their workforce and enhance current business practices, ACFA is able to develop individually tailored business training and development programs focusing on these key areas.

    Programs can be both part of accredited and non-accredited training dependent on the requirements your workplace.

    For more information on how we can assist your business, contact our office on 1300 342 248 or email [email protected]


    Below is a list of qualifications available through our various training programs.  Our industry trained Assessors will work closely with you to develop a program that meets your individual needs, whether this is in the workplace or for your own professional development.

    To see how we can we can develop a program that best suits you, contact our office and we can organise for an assessor in your area to visit you!!

     Certificate II programs

    Certificate III programs

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