What do ACFA Employers and Students say about us?

We are pleased to be able to share testimonials that Employers and Students have provided us, demonstrating their gratitude and satisfaction for the way that we deliver our training and assessment.

ACFA's aim is to provide high quality training and assessment to our students who are the future of the industry. We conduct face to face training and assessment in the workplace and strive to tailor training to suit all learners and employers.

Don't just take our word for it though! Below are some words from employers and students that have trusted ACFA to conduct their training. See what they have to say about their experience with us!



A Big thankyou to all the ACFA team who helped Infracraft make the transition from our previous training provider.

Both Dylan Harvey (Trainer and Assessor) and Cameron Hainsworth (Student Liaison Officer) have exceeded our expectations. Infracraft has only been with ACFA training for approximately 3 months and the positive feedback we have received from our apprentices is fantastic, all apprentices are more motivated to conduct their training than ever before and already working well with Dylan.

Chris Lawrence

WHS & Facilities Coordinator
Infracraft Detailed Joinery Pty Ltd

"Lewis has been a major contributor to our apprentice's success. Lewis brings to our workplace years of knowledge which has helped our apprentices grow professionally and personally. He gives clear and accurate communication to myself and the apprentices in regard to assignments and best practices. Lewis relates to all the apprentices within the workplace both on a professional manner and personal level. He is very flexible in all aspects of the apprentices' learning and adapts to suit their needs and abilities. Since Lewis came on to teaching the apprentices I have seen their understanding of the industry grow with every visit. Lewis has been a reliable teaching force showing up when he said he would and being there for the apprentices if they have ever needed help to complete assignments."

John Bachtis, Director

"Thank you for your assistance in the training of Andy through ACFA. I found the whole process very low impact to the day-to-day running of the business and appreciate your professional approach and commitment engaging with the student. I would recommend you and the in-house training process to other joiners and look forward to employing another apprentice soon."

Herman Van Dyk Jnr, Director

"We have been using ACFA for the last 6 years to assist us with our apprenticeship program for many employees. Glen has been our representative the whole time. In this time we have had some people already complete their trade and many more enrolled and working away towards completing their trade. It's such a peace of mind that it's in house training, and that the staff have the ability to gain their cabinet making qualifications through great interaction with Glen. We would recommend ACFA for all training and we will definitely continue to use them in the future."

Danny King, Director

"DEBRICH Custom Joinery has been a financial member of the Association since 2009 and we have enjoyed the benefits of being a member in such a well-run organisation. Geoff has been associated with Debrich for the last five years as a trainer/assessor for our apprentices. We have found Geoff to be a very reliable, responsible and dedicated person to the training and assessment of our apprentices. Geoff has a great knowledge and experience of the industry and is very effective in his teachings. Geoff has a good mix of theory and practice and his training has been effectively integrated into our business. We would have no hesitation in recommending Geoff as a senior trainer/assessor or future leader in this field."

Richard Curley, Director

"Premier Furniture have considered many options when it comes to training our new Apprentices. Whether we choose TAFE or onsite training, both came with many challenges, but we preferred and found on the job training worked. Not only are they in a safe and friendly environment but with the right person they obtain up to date on the job training and resources at their fingertips. At ACFA Geoff our representative has filled this position with a positive outcome. He has been with Premier as our representative for the last 5 years and has helped and nourished our new apprentices. We have found his professionalism and down to earth nature extremely refreshing and encouraging. The statistics show that on the job training has meant we have kept our apprentices long after their apprenticeship has completed."

Peter Langford, Director

"Our ACFA trainer has been training our apprentice since early 2017. We have found him to be resourceful and efficient. He is always available to support our apprentice, displaying great expertise as his mentor. We find it encouraging that our trainer also offers fabulous support to us as the business owners, showing firmness and commitment to our vision of encouraging an experienced and quality young tradesman in the workforce. Our trainer is a wonderful asset to the ACFA training team, who we would have no hesitation in recommending to other colleagues."

SR & ME Simmonds

"I have known our ACFA trainer, in my capacity as director of Jonathan West Australia Pty. Ltd, since February 2016. In this time he has been responsible for delivering training and assessment for my apprentice Geordie. Our Trainer has an excellent level of personal organization and a positive and encouraging disposition. It is clear he has a thorough understanding, and experience in all of the training modules he has delivered. He has communicated the expectations of all parties within our training contract with clarity and professionalism and has developed a supportive and motivating relationship with Geordie."

Jonathan West, Director

"We at Crystal Kitchens have found Geoff to be a tremendous asset for our company/apprentices. During this period Geoff has been assisting our apprentices with all their modules and assignments and has proven that, he works with our apprentices with great success, which meets our standards and all have completed and passed examinations. His explanation of the modules is very thorough makes sure that full understanding is achieved, if not, he will continue to do so until it is achieved. Geoff has been also very punctual and on time in all of his appointments. I do recommend Geoff and his experience in the cabinet making industry very highly."

Alham (Anna) Mahfoud, Secretary

"I have been working with our trainer for most of 2017 in association with our Apprentices. "I have always found our trainer to be very approachable & available for the students as required and has always supported me in my role as Operations Manager. Further to this our trainer has had no hesitation in “telling” the students “how it is” if they are offering up invalid excuses for underperformance. He has a particular Aptitude for teaching and training, is highly organised and possesses tremendous communication skills. I have gained a lot myself from working with our trainer and wish him every success working with the ACFA Training Program and Team."

Margaret Craig, Operations Manager

"Geoff from the ACFA has been working with our various apprentices over the past 4 years. During that time we have built up a good relationship with Geoff and he is truly an advocate for the Cabinet Making Industry. His professionalism and punctuality on the job are greatly admired. We have also found Geoff to be very approachable in regards to appointments with flexibility when assessment visits are due. His relationship with our staff and the apprentices is trustworthy and we would have no hesitation in recommending Geoff and the ACFA workplace training to others."

James Maguire, Director 


 "Thanks for helping and setting time aside for me during my apprenticeship. You were a great help, got plenty of great advise from you which some I use everyday, you taught me plenty of skills along the way. You were patient if I left one or two things out in an assignment and allowed me a few minutes to complete so thanks for absolutely everything."

Hayden W, Student