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Workplace-based industry-specific training



Fee-Free Apprenticeship Training in Cabinet and Furniture Making across NSW




Our Fee-for-Service is available in Victoria for Apprenticeship Training




ACFA is committed to expanding our services with Fee-for-Service Training in Brisbane and Gold Coast



RPL Programs

For people currently working in the industry that have not had their skills, knowledge and experience formally recognised.


Enhancing the skills within our industry

ACFA has been providing training services as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) since 1997.

Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association (ACFA) has been delivering industry-specialised training for the cabinet making, furnishing, kitchen and bathroom industries for over 26 years using our workplace-based training model.

ACFA takes pride in its commitment to empower the next generation of our industry through apprenticeship training and provide a pathway for upskilling our workforce. ACFA’s workplace-based training model offers a personalised and flexible approach that sets us apart from other providers.

Our team of dedicated trainers and assessors come from the industry themselves. They travel to visit your workplace regularly to deliver training and assessments tailored to your specific needs, making use of the machinery and equipment you use daily.

ACFA has a proven track record in delivering high-quality education. Our primary qualification is MSF30322 Certificate III in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology. This qualification encompasses specialised streams in:

  • Furniture
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms

What makes ACFA stand out is our commitment to one-on-one, hands-on training provided by our Industry Specialised Trainers. These trainers not only customise training plans to match each apprentice’s own learning style but also work flexibly to accommodate the employer’s schedule whilst ensuring the training meets the requirements of the accredited training.

ACFA is the largest private RTO for Cabinet Making in NSW, and we strive for excellence in Vocational Education & Training and aspire to actively encourage our new Apprentices / Trainees to exceed industry expectations so they can reach outstanding success, showcasing the many skills of their chosen industry craft. With an established and integrated network of support services our training programs ensure that your employees are:

  • trained and competent
  • up-to-date with current industry trends and technologies
  • familiar with your business and its operations

This ensures you have:

  • high staff retention rates
  • a collaborative work environment
  • effective and efficient workers


  • develop a training plan that best reflects your business
  • use your machinery, your methods to produce your product
  • flexible scheduling of training and assessment visits
  • skills development incorporating current industry trends and trade practices
  • one-on-one contact with the apprentice and a direct supervisor
  • real work projects and workplace assessments
  • recognition of current skills, knowledge and work experience via our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Program

Our “we come to you” service offering guarantees a personalised training and assessment experience, while our rolling intakes enable apprentices to start their journey sooner, without the need to wait for the next round of enrolment days. At ACFA, we’re dedicated to making apprenticeship training efficient, effective, and tailored to your specific needs.


  • apprentices and trainees get one-on-one contact with an ACFA trainer and assessor
  • real time updates on how apprentices are progressing
  • remove the need for your apprentice to travel or be released for block training
  • have input into their ongoing training and development
  • have developed and upskilled a team member as a valuable resource to your business

Liz Schofield

Allnew Kitchens

I have been a member of the FIAA now (ACFA)for over 21 years, in this time I have experienced and watched the organisation grow every year in their professionalism and expertise in dealing with any matters I require assistance in.

There are so many benefits with being a member of the ACFA, a few in particular are award wage information and allowances.  This is vital to me, the comfort knowing that at any time a staff member of the organisation can assist and make me feel at ease when I have a query regarding wage structures.

I have experienced this recently and being able to call the organisation to provide the knowledge, understanding and reassurance I required to help me through this time was just fantastic.  I could not have done it on my own.

The standard of service the ACFA has provided has improved every year I have been with the organisation, I believe now they are an A class organisation, providing all members with loads of information and support.

I have a wonderful rapport with the ACFA and am truly grateful for all the help they have  provided me over the years.

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