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Sample Training Plan

Sample Training Plan

Sample Training Plan for MSF30322 Certificate III
in Cabinet Making
and Timber Technology


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MSMSUP102Communicate in the workplace
MSMSUP106           Work in a team
MSFGN2001            Make measurements & calculations
MSFGN3005 Read & interpret work documents
MSFFM2013Use furniture making sector hand & power tools
MSMENV272Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
MSFFM3031Prepare cutting lists from design and production documentation
MSFFM3030Produce manual and computer-aided production drawings



MSMWHS200Work Safely
MSFGN2004Produce simple scale drawings by hand
MSFFM3033Set up, operate and maintain automated drilling machines
MSFFM3038Set up, operate and maintain automated edgebanding machines
MSFFF2012Prepare surface for finishing
MSFFM2019Assemble furnishing products
MSFFM2014Select and apply hardware
MSFFM3032Set up, operate and maintain sawing machines
MSFFM3042Fabricate cabinetry
MSFFM3045Set up, operate and maintain CNC machining and processing centres
CUAACD312Produce Computer-Aided Drawings
MSFFM3041Determine and document requirements for cabinetry installation
MSFFM3026Produce angled and curved components using manufactured board
MSFFM3024Construct Jigs & Fixtures
MSFKB2003Prepare for cabinetry and installation
MSFFM3043Install cabinetry
MSFGN3006Estimate and cost job

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