Furniture suppliers will be required to provide safety warnings to consumers about the dangers of toppling furniture, after the Assistant Treasurer, the Hon. Stephen Jones, made a new information standard for toppling furniture, the Consumer Goods (Toppling Furniture) Information Standard 2024.

This new standard applies to certain types of furniture and will require suppliers to attach a permanent warning label to furniture; include safety information and advice about anchoring furniture in manuals and assembly instructions; and provide warnings about the hazards of toppling furniture in furniture stores and online.

Suppliers must comply with these requirements from 4 May 2025.

Products the mandatory standard applies to

Freestanding household furniture can be dangerous if it falls or topples over.

Warnings and safety information must be provided when supplying these 3 categories of furniture.

Category 1

A clothing storage unit or bookcase with a height of 686 mm or more. A clothing storage unit is an item of furniture intended to primarily store clothes. It has one or more doors or drawers.

Category 2

Entertainment units of any height typically used for housing televisions, home theatre systems or gaming consoles.

Category 3

Hall tables, display cabinets, buffets, and sideboards with a height 686 mm or greater.

Products the mandatory standard does not apply to

The mandatory standard excludes:

  • furniture that was bought by a consumer and is being resold
  • second-hand furniture, including furniture that was previously bought and used commercially
  • furniture designed to be fastened to a wall or other structure and that can’t be used unless it’s attached.