Merger with the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (FIAA) and the Cabinet Makers and Designers Association (CMDA) of Victoria'

We are pleased to announce the merger between FIAA and the CMDA was finalised in November 2018.  We have now changed our branding and trading name to the Australian Cabinet & Furniture Association (ACFA).

ACFA will continue to look after you by providing support for HR and Workplace advice, business improvement solutions, access to compliant documents, policies and procedures and the up-to-the-minute industry news.

Our relationships with other associations and organisations create networking and collaboration opportunities and our Registered Training Organisation will continue to provides industry-specific courses and qualifications.

Thank you to all of our members who have come along for this  exciting journey and we look forward to the opportunity to continue to support you and your business now and in the future.

“For Industry By Industry”






Incorporated in 1948 FIAA origins can be traced back to the early 1900’s. 

Past Presidents of the FIAA include Jack Parker, Doug Jackson, John Chiswell, Ern McCain, Peter J Van Treight, David Hoare and more recently Ron Scott and Fred White. True icons of the industry.

In the 60's and 70's FIAA notably accomplished:

  • Drafted the Furnishing Trades Award with the Industry Committee
  • Got the removal of ‘limitation’ on furniture factory overtime by the Minister for Labor and Industry
  • Lobbied for plywood and veneers not exceeding 4mm thick be admitted into Australia duty free
  • Were members of the Employers Federation Committee
  • Application was presented to have import quotas imposed and developing country preferences removed in respect of banana chairs
  • Proposed to place teachers from TAFE in industry for a week to update their experience (ALL FIAA Assessors complete work placement each year as part of professional development)
  • Negotiated for a voluntary agreement on a flammability standard for upholstered furniture

Through the end of the century, into the new millenium and beyond:

  • Were and are still heavily involved in reforming Home Warranty Insurance
  • The creation of FIAA Guild Apprenticeship scheme to provide the industry with flexible delivery of apprenticeship and traineeship training. FIAA is the industries preferred Registered Training Organisation
  • FIAA were instrumental in reforming the training system to the Industry friendly competency based training of today
  • FIAA once owned and ran the Australian International Furniture Fair, one of the oldest exhibitions in Australia
  • FIAA provided the industry with OH&S and Workers Compensation reform with the Premium Discount Scheme
  • Negotiated the industries ‘Action Agenda’ that sponsored overseas industry experts in ‘Lean’ techniques and thinking
  • Has regularly tested imported flat packs  to ensure compliance to Australian Standards
  • FIAA is involved in the re-writing of the Kitchen Assembly/Kitchen Installation Australian Standard
  • FIAA successfully lobbied for the removal of Home Warranty Insurance in NSW for Stand-alone Cabinetry.