Robyn has had a long and successful career as a senior executive at Borg Manufacturing.

An accountant by trade, she has overseen the expansion of Borg as it has developed into a major national building products manufacturer and is now involved with the development of other business interests in the Borg Group.

Robyn brings a wealth of experience in board management, project and financial management, risk control, process improvement and organisational development.

Robyn joined the ACFA board in 2015 to promote the industry and ensure we have a voice in the changing regulatory environment, as well as helping to steer appropriate training for our sector.

In July 2019, Robyn joined the board of First Super; a role where her leadership skills, financial acumen and commercial experience can further support the industry by ensuring the retirement savings of all First Super members are governed well.

Robyn holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), a Diploma of Management, and is also a Graduate of Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (Adv).