Meet the ACFA team


Dean Brakell

Kristy Cole
Training Manager

Monique Penton
HR Manager

Fiona Joynes
Program Manager

HR Advisors

Skye Paydas

Carolyn Beverley

Business Development

Justine Camilleri
Membership Manager (NSW)

Geoff Soennichsen
Business Development Representative (VIC)

Trainers and Assessors

Glen Cannon
Trainer & Assessor (Team Leader)

Lewis Blair
Trainer & Assessor (Sydney)

Geoff Buttigieg
Trainer & Assessor (Sydney)

Gavin McCarthy
Trainer & Assessor

Scott Rumble
Trainer & Assessor (Central Coast)

Tim Rodd
Trainer & Assessor (Central West)

Richard Trengove
Trainer & Assessor (South Australia)

Derby Hidalgo
Trainer & Assessor/Business Services Rep

Liam Pinder
Trainer Support Officer/Trainer & Assessor

The Engine (Administration)

Vicki Colquhoun
Student Liaison Officer

Matthew Brady
Compliance co-ordinator

Leeanne Dyer
Communications & Training Officer

Linda Trignano
Admissions Officer

Sophie Coates
RTO System Co-ordinator