Safe Work Australia has published new guidance to assist persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) understand their work health and safety obligations relating to the engineered stone ban, which comes into effect on 1 July 2024.

Please note that some States/Territories have transitional periods,  for specific details about the implementation of the engineered stone prohibition in your jurisdiction, including the commencement date and any applicable transitional arrangements, please refer to the Safe Work Australia website via the button below to view links to each jurisdiction:

The guidance provides information for PCBUs about:

  • The scope of the ban
  • Permitted work for repair, removal, minor modification and disposal of legacy engineered stone.
  • Notification of work with legacy engineered stone.
  • Exemptions from the prohibition.
  • Their duties under the national notification framework to notify the WHS regulator before carrying out any permitted work with legacy engineered stone benchtops, panels and slabs
  • Their duties to ensure controlled processing of sintered stone, porcelain products and, where permitted, engineered stone, and
  • The national exemption framework, including the process and requirements for seeking an exemption from the ban for a type of engineered stone where there is compelling evidence that the stone can be worked with safely.

Safe Work Australia has also updated the existing National Exemption Framework – Guide for applicants for exemptions and National guide for working with crystalline silica and crystalline silica containing products to reference the engineered stone ban.

Please also note that each jurisdiction will develop their own Form for Notification of Permitted Work with Legacy Engineered Stone and Engineered stone prohibition: Guidance for PCBUs based on Safe Work Australia’s model versions.
ACFA will update members when these forms become available for each jurisdiction, and would encourage members to follow our social media platforms as well as check our website.

Learn more about the ban, including frequently asked questions and jurisdictional transitional arrangements, on the engineered stone ban website.

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