Premium Awards Partner

polytec (a Borg company) is an Australian decorative board and laminate brand that invests in pioneering new products and range developments to equip cabinet makers, architects, designers, and consumers alike with a palette that is contemporary, forward-looking, and comprehensive.

The fastest-growing brand in the decorative surfaces’ category, polytec is leading the way in its commitment to Australian manufacturing and in the development of decorative surfaces for joinery applications in residential and commercial spaces.

polytec’s collection of locally made and globally curated materials for horizontal and vertical surfaces provides the option of applying consistent and thoughtful design elements throughout a project with materials that unite and complement a design.

At the forefront of technology, polytec products are manufactured with the most technologically advanced and computer-integrated manufacturing systems. A committed, skilled and passionate workforce delivers excellence in craftsmanship and customer service on all platforms in producing materials that meld attention to detail, beautiful finishes and durability. polytec take pride in offering products that are cutting-edge in quality, aesthetics and performance and bringing them to market at an accessible price point.

polytec has an array of solutions in all decorative surface product sectors including High-Pressure Laminate, Low-Pressure Melamine, made-to-order Thermolaminated doors, Aluminium Framed doors, Ultraglaze acrylic range and Steccawood decorative battens. polytec’s diversity of colours, finishes, and prints form ranges that are designed to work together, paving the way for highly original and bespoke designs.

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